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Schedule for Oct-Dec 2016

Week Date Location Topic (and links to workshops)
1 10/04/2016 Localhost Introduction: Project overview, roadmap, and technical fundamentals
2 10/11/2016 Localhost Get Started with Golang
3 10/18/2016 Localhost Version Control Week I: Git hands-on & light theory
4 10/25/2016 TBD Version Control Week II: Pull Requests and Code Reviews
5 11/01/2016 TBD Version Control Week III: Noms hands-on
- 11/08/2016 - ELECTION DAY - GO VOTE!
6 11/15/2016 TBD Version Control Week IV: Panel discussion — what do our users want to do with their data? How could Noms (and Noms+IPFS) help?
7 11/22/2016 TBD Version Control Week V: Under the Hood of Git and Noms: deeper theory / data models of Git and Noms
8 11/29/2016 TBD IPFS: hands-on & theory
- - - Switch to Coding: The IPFS workshop will be the final “pre-development” workshop. The following workshops will be our “transition to development” phase, during which participants will need to decide whether they’ll participate in the sprints going forward. | -
9 12/06/2016 TBD Agile Process Crash course in Agile Development Process / Methodology
10 12/13/2016 TBD Testing Your Code Writing Tests, Running them, and Using Continuous Integration

After this, we’ll do eight weeks of development sprints, during which we’ll design, build, test, and deploy our Noms–IPFS connector.

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